DateChapterSectionCourse Materials
Feb. 25 Computer Vision Overview and Deep Learning Basics Computer Vision Basics & Image and Video Processing 计算机视觉基础及图像视频处理 [slides]
Mar. 4 Feature Detection 特征与检测 [slides]
Mar. 11 CNN & High-level Feature Extraction 卷积神经网络及高层特征提取 [slides]
Mar. 18 Training Framework and Model Optimization 训练框架与模型优化 [slides]
Mar. 25 Advanced Computer Vision Tasks Image Classification 图像分类 [slides]
Apr. 1 Object Detection 物体检测 [slides]
Apr. 8 Learning From Video视频理解 [slides]
Apr. 15 Image Segmentation 图像分割 [slides]
Apr. 22 3D Vision 三维视觉 [slides]
Apr. 29 AutoPilot 智能驾驶 [slides]
May. 6 Neural network Model Compression 神经网络模型压缩 [slides]
May. 13 Low-Level Computer Vision Task 底层视觉任务 [slides]
May. 20 Lectures on cutting-edge technology and industry applications Representation Learning in Vision Tasks 视觉任务中的表征学习 [slides]
Jun. 11 3D Vision and Augmented Reality 三维视觉与增强现实 [slides]